Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Cancel Culture Part 2 - The Google Gods Strike Again

Apparently, this blog is now on Google's watch list.  Once again, I have offended the Google Gods by posting something that falls under their ever-watchful, Orwellian eye because it has "misleading content". This is the second time that I have been censored with my first offence being described here.


Here is the posting in question:



The posting contained an open letter that was published by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association in Ontario, Canada telling unvaccinated Canadians that they were not alone and that it is within their rights to say "no" to vaccines that have not been completely tested. 


Here are a few highlights:


1.) you can say no to a violation of your body.


2.) you are within your rights to question whether free and informed consent is possible given that the long-term health effects of the vaccines are not known.


3.) you are being targeted by the mainstream media, governments and social media companies which are telling you that you are endangering the world because you refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


4.) you are being accused of being a factory for the new Delta variant (and others) because you prefer to rely on your natural immune system.


5.) you are right to question the preliminary vaccine trial results.


6.) you are right to call for a diversity of scientific opinions regarding the pandemic and the associated vaccines.


7.) you should not be intimidated.


If you wish to read the entire open letter, you can find it here.  For those of us who are growing increasingly concerned about our individual rights in this totalitarian time, it is well worth reading.


Somehow, this message offended the Google Gods whose business model now includes censoring any viewpoint that doesn't follow their own narrow view of the pandemic.  On the upside, the posting was read over a thousand times before Google decided that it was offensive, not a bad tally for this small-time blogger.

God forbid that freedom should reign.  That's oldthink and, as we have learned over the past 18 months, oldthink is doubleplusungood.



  1. Your blog should not be censored or blocked IMO.
    But it cannot be ignored.
    So what to do?

    1. Thanks Carl. My only response is to repost as I did with a modest effort at removing any of the "offending content". I also have been watching what has happened to Twitter users - same thing. Even when well-educated scientists with a medical background tweet something that doesn't follow the chosen narrative, they get cancelled by Twitter.

      Thanks for your continued support. As I said before, you always keep me thinking!

  2. broken link at "you can find it here"

  3. Thanks for pointing that out for me. I think it's fixed.

  4. Interesting letter. Appears to have at least one inaccuracy.

    Have you checked out the signatories?

  5. Yes I have and a number of them appear to be as well or better qualified than the "experts" that appear in the mainstream media.

    What inaccuracy did you find?