Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Rewriting History the Wikipedia Way - The Cancel Culture Strikes Again

It's become increasingly clear over the past two years that social networking platforms are rewriting history.  One such platform, Wikipedia which claims that it has the goal of making all knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere, is guilty as charged as you will see in this posting.


While many of you may not have heard of Dr. Robert W. Malone, he has become quite vocal during the vaccination stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Let's start this posting by looking at his credentials starting with his work experience, noting in particular his three years at the Salk Institute when he was a graduate student between 1986 and 1989:


Here is his educational background:


Keeping in mind his work experience at the Salk Institute, here is a paper on RNA transfection, the synthesis of mRNA and how RNA could be directly introduced into whole tissues and embryos (i.e. as a drug) from August 1989 where he is the lead author:

Note that I have provided you with screen captures of this entire document since these sorts of documents have a habit of disappearing from the internet during the current post-truth era.


This paper formed the foundation for the use of RNA as a drug as shown in this final quote from the paper:


"The RNA/lipofectin method can be used to directly introduce RNA into whole tissues and embryos (R.W.M., C. Holt, and I.M.V., unpublished results), raising the possibility that liposome-mediated mRNA transfection might offer yet another option in the growing technology of eukaryotic gene delivery, one based on the concept of using RNA as a drug.


You will also note that funding for this research was provided by grants from the National Institutes of Health (think Anthony Fauci) which now has a stake in Moderna's mRNA vaccine and the American Cancer Society since it was believed that this technology could be a cure for cancer.


Now, let's look at how Wikipedia has altered history for us.  Here is what the RNA vaccine entry looked like on August 14, 2021:


Notice that Robert Malone's name appears three times in the Wikipedia entry and leads the section on RNA vaccine history.  Here are the key excerpts from this Wikipedia entry:


"In 1989, Robert W. Malone, P. Felgner, et. al. developed a high-efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection system using cationic liposomes, which were used "to directly introduce RNA into whole tissues and embryos", as well as various cells types. The term and idea of "RNA as a drug" is first described in this paper.  Then, in 1990, Jon A. Wolff, Robert W Malone, et. al. demonstrated the idea of nucleic acid-encoded drugs by direct injecting in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA or plasmid DNA (pDNA) into the skeletal muscle of mice which expressed the encoded protein in the injected muscle. These studies were the first evidence that in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA could deliver the genetic information to produce proteins within living cell tissue.


The first mRNA vaccine experiments were carried out by P. Felgner, J. Wolff, G. Rhodes, R.W. Malone and D. Carson. P. They completed a number of mRNA vaccination studies that resulted in nine patents on mRNA vaccination with a shared priority date of March 21, 1989." 


Now, let's look at Wikipedia's current entry for RNA vaccines:


The only mention of Robert Malone is found in the fine print in the references section of the Wikipedia entry.  His name has been totally removed from the "History" part of the entry.  He has, in Orwellian speak, become a nonperson as you can see here:


"The first successful transfection of mRNA packaged within a liposomal nanoparticle into a cell was published in 1989. "Naked" (or unprotected) mRNA was injected a year later into the muscle of mice.  These studies were the first evidence that in vitro transcribed mRNA could deliver the genetic information to produce proteins within living cell tissue and led to the concept proposal of messenger RNA vaccines."

Just in case you wondered, this is why Robert Malone achieved the distinction of being cancelled by Twitter, an article that is well worth reading but which I cannot share here because this posting would likely be cancelled by the Google Gods:

His warnings about the use of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic would seem to have scientific merit and, given the fact that research is now showing that the "protection" provided by these vaccines seem to be of very short duration along with the massive list of adverse events accompanying vaccination, his warnings would be something well worth paying attention to.

So, there you have it.  Apparently, even being a brilliant scientist and having a career that has resulted in leading-edge research doesn't mean that you don't have the potential to become part of the social platform cancel culture that has become prevalent during the pandemic.  After all, what does Dr. Robert Malone really know?  Surely, the backers of Wikipedia which prides itself on leading the democratization of knowledge know far more than a medical researcher with more than 35 years of experience in the field.


  1. I think in the interest of impartiality, it should be pointed out that the mRNA Vax page never included Dr. Malone's name in the body of the article UNTIL August 14th, 2021, and appeared ONLY on the 14th. It never existed, so its removal was only a reversion to its previous state.

    1. Then, given that he is the leading author from the 1989 paper, Wikipedia was erroneous in the first place.

  2. I didn't know the name Robert Malone and had to look him up. I have no opinion one way or another but have to conclude that arriving at "the truth" in quotation marks is not easy. Was Wikipedia rewriting history or correcting it?

    The Vaccine Scientist Spreading Vaccine Misinformation, The Atlantic, Aug 12/2021

  3. Yes, Wikipedia rewrote history. The original paper can still be found online and I included it in this posting to ensure that a copy can still be found. Wikipedia has become another one of the tech giants that is manipulating reality to serve its own agenda whatever that may be.

    If you are interested in more of Robert Malone, here is the link to his Substack account which is well worth a read given that he is one of the foremost experts on mRNA technology: