Monday, October 18, 2021

How Bill Gates' Investment Portfolio Shows His Climate Hypocrisy

Bill Gates, the world's foremost untrained climatologist (among other skills) has made it quite clear to the useless eaters that the world will not survive if we don't wean ourselves from fossil fuels and transfer the economy to a green energy future.  That said and as is often the case, Bill Gates says one thing and does quite another as you will see in this posting.


Let's start out with some background.  While Bill Gates is now not officially linked to Microsoft, having retired from his position on the company's Board of Directors in March 2020, he is still a substantial shareholder, holding a greater percentage of the company's stock than key insiders as shown here:


With Gates' historical links to Microsoft in mind, let's look at one of their products, Microsoft Azure.  Azure  was originally known as Windows Azure and was release to the pubic in February 2010.  Here is the lead page from Azure's website:

Customers innovating with Azure included Chevron, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell as shown here:

...and here:

Now, let's switch to another aspect of Bill Gates.  Cascade Investments LLC is a Washington-based holding company which is controlled by Gates and contains the assets outside of his Microsoft holdings.  Here are the holdings currently held by Cascade Investments:


In his latest Schedule 13D SEC Filing for Cascade, we find this:


Gates currently owns 77,787,431 shares of Canadian National Railway or 11 percent of the company's total shares issued after apparently transferring 14.1 million shares to ex-wife in early May 2021 as part of their divorce settlement.  In addition, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds an additional 13,907,283 CN shares as shown here:

Now, let's take a closer look at Canadian National Railway. This is one of CN's core businesses:


Note that one of the products being shipped by CN is oil from Canada's tar sands which are widely regarded as some of the dirtiest oil in the world by climate change promotors.

Here's more about CN and its links to tar sands products:


Here is an excerpt from the company explaining what Canapux are:

"CanaPux™ technology is an innovative and safe way to transport extra-heavy crude, also known as bitumen in Canada. The extra-heavy crude is blended with polymer to form a solid pellet that can be transported to global markets using the same infrastructure as coal or petroleum coke. At the end of their journey the pellets can be re-liquified and the polymer can be separated and reused."

Here is an excerpt from its most recent investor presentation from July 2021 showing the company's heavy involvement in fossil fuels:


So, given Gates' very significant investment in a company whose business model is heavily reliant on the transportation of those nasty greenhouse gas-creating substances and his investment in Microsoft and its Azure product which is designed to help oil companies become more efficient, we can clearly see another case of hypocrisy when it comes to Gates' public views on global climate change that he is trying to foist on those of us who should be eating weeds and insects so that there is plenty of beef for him to partake of without further damaging Planet Earth.

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