Monday, November 15, 2021

Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum and the Prescient Pandemic Roadmap

Over the past 18 months, it has become increasingly clear that a cabal including the World Economic Forum and its leader Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, purveyor of virus-prone software are key links in the COVID-19 "chain".  While you, like me, may be thinking that this is a recent occurrence, in fact, a rather obscure document from 2016 shows something quite different and gives us a sense of how Gates and his cronies have been planning for a global pandemic for years.


To put everything into perspective, we need a bit of background.  A group called the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness or CEPI was launched in 2017 with this mission:



CEPI is a Norwegian Association which has 12 voting board member with eight representing various competencies including industry, global health, science, resource mobilization and four investors.


Speaking of investors, here are CEPI's original and current financial backers:


And, like a steaming dog turd on a cold sidewalk, we find Bill Gates.  This is not terribly surprising given this world-renowned untrained vaccinologist's fixation with all things vaccine-related. 

Here are the Gates Foundation's funding pledges to CEPI for the period from 2017 to 2022:


With that background into CEPI, let's look at the document that I referred to at the beginning of this posting, CEPI's Preliminary Business Plan 2017 - 2021:


Here is a key quote about CEPI's pandemic business plan:


"CEPI – the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations – will tackle the barriers to epidemic vaccine development, advancing safe, effective, and affordable vaccines to contain outbreaks at the earliest possible stage. It will give us the joint global insurance policy we need, helping the populations most at risk and making us all safer."

Here's what CEPI will offer the world keeping in mind that EID stands for Epidemic Infectious Diseases:


"CEPI will stimulate, finance and co-ordinate vaccine development against emerging infectious diseases with epidemic potential, especially in cases where market incentives alone do not achieve this.


CEPI will coordinate resources from industry, academia, governments, philanthropies, and NGOs to facilitate the advanced development of vaccines for emerging infectious diseases with epidemic potential (EIDs). CEPI will focus on development and manufacturing platforms that can be used against a range of known and unknown EIDs.


CEPI takes an end-to-end approach to vaccine development, with an initial focus on two priorities: 1. moving new vaccines through late preclinical studies to proof of concept and safety in humans, and 2. supporting vaccine platforms that can be rapidly deployed against known and unknown pathogens.


CEPI will assess the feasibility of vaccine development against priority pathogens identified by the WHO R&D blueprint and other processes and fund vaccine preparedness efforts accordingly. CEPI will fund and coordinate activities including late-stage preclinical development, clinical Phase I and II safety and efficacy trials with pilot stockpiles and regulatory pathway and Phase III clinical trial planning for outbreaks. CEPI will also coordinate with independent early discovery groups, R&D funders, and vaccine procurement and delivery organizations such as Gavi."


Here are CEPI's strategic pandemic objectives and outputs:


Here is a graphic showing the current technologies that CEPI believes will provide future vaccines, noting in particular the DNA technology:


...and here:


Here is the role that CEPI believes it will play in the "next pandemic" and how it links to other key players in the process of discovering, developing, manufacturing and stockpiling a new vaccine, noting that GAVI is another playground for Bill Gates' funding:


This next graphic is one of the more interesting graphics in the report.  It shows the research and development and regulatory pathway for a new vaccine:

It is quite interesting to note that, back in 2016, CEPI stated that during a pandemic, a new vaccine was to receive "Conditional approval for emergency use", was to be stockpiled after Phase IIa studies and was to be used during an outbreak under Emergency Use Assessment Listings at the same time as fast-tracked Phase III trials were being undertaken, mimicking very closely what has happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now, let's look at the all-important bottom line.  Of course, being Bill Gates, you never do anything without a return on your investment:

...and again here:


...and, once again, here:

Nothing is ever given away for free in Bill Gate's world, not even what passes for "charity/philanthropy".


It is fascinating to see that, way back in 2016, Bill Gates and his ruling class peers including the World Economic Forum, had a plan in place for the next global pandemic.  It is also quite interesting to note that the response to the current pandemic has quite closely followed the response proposed by CEPI, the WEF and Bill Gates and that a return on investment for CEPI's/his efforts was a requirement of CEPI's participation.


As I have repeatedly said, particularly during the pandemic, just follow the money and the story behind the story will come into view.  Ask yourself this one simple question:

"Who is benefitting from the global response to the pandemic?"  

As you can see from this posting, it's almost as though CEPI, the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates were dictating the response to the current pandemic to benefit themselves and the global elite, isn't it?

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