Monday, May 23, 2022

The Monkeypox Exercise - Is History Repeating Itself?

For those of us that were really paying attention during the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying fear porn, we realize that a pandemic desktop exercise took place just months prior to the official declaration of a pandemic.  As you will see in this posting, that particular template worked so well for the ruling class that, coincidentally (or not), there is yet another interesting relationship between the most recent viral threat to human life and a previous simulation that took place only months ago.


For those of you that weren't aware, on Friday, October 18, 2019, Event 201 took place at The Pierre Hotel in New York, New York sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (aka the Bill Gates World Health Organization) as shown here:


The exercise which simulated the global outbreak of a zoonotic coronavirus consisted of the following:


"...pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience."


The purpose of the exercise was to:


"...educate senior leaders at the highest level of US and international governments and leaders in global industries.


It is also a tool to inform members of the policy and preparedness communities and the general public. This is distinct from many other forms of simulation exercises that test protocols or technical policies of a specific organization. Exercises similar to Event 201 are a particularly effective way to help policymakers gain a fuller understanding of the urgent challenges they could face in a dynamic, real-world crisis."


The exercise was also funded by funding from the Open Philanthropy Project which is funded by billionaires Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz who co-founded Facebook.


To put the timing of the Event 201 coronavirus pandemic scenario into context, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30, 2020 and a pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020.


With the COVID-19 pandemic fading into the background as the dinosaur media focussed its attention on the actions in Ukraine which really isn't that much of a fear-inducing, rectal puckering event for most of the world, there was an obvious need for another health-related issue to crop up as fertilizer for the cultivation of fear porn.  Thank goodness that monkeypox appeared on the scene to take COVID-19's place as the latest and greatest viral threat to all of humanity.


Here are three recent headlines showing how the dinosaur media is working society into a lather about this rare virus:


1.) CBC News (aka the Trudeau/Freeland Broadcasting Corporation):



2.) BBC News:

3.) ABC News:



Here is a table from BNO News showing the small number of cases of monkeypox that have led to an apoplectic media:

In case "monkeypox science" should change rapidly, here is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say about the transmission of monkeypox:



Of course, in the interest of fear cultivation, the CDC is certainly going to change "the science" on transmission of monkeypox and we will all find ourselves repeating the masking, lockdown, shutdown and physical distancing experiences of the past two years even though the current science shows that very close physical contact is necessary for transmission.


Now, let's get to the "meat" of this posting.  In March 2021, a tabletop exercise was held at the Munich Security Conference in partnership with the Nuclear Threat Initiative or NTI with support from, you guessed it, Open Philanthropy, one of the funders of Event 201.  The report from this exercise was just released in November 2021 as shown here:


Interestingly, but not surprisingly, one of the participants in the exercise was Dr. Chris Elias, President of the Global Development Division of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Here is a listing of all participants for your perusal:



Here is the most interesting aspect of this particular tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats:


According to the scenario, over the course of the pandemic which was caused by a terrorist attack which, ironically, used a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with "...inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight."  Does this sound familiar in any way given the likely source for the SARS-CoV-2 virus?  At the end of the pandemic, more than 3 billion earthlings were infected and there were 270 million fatalities.

Here is a graphic showing how the scenario was designed:


Please notice that the day of the "attack" was May 15, 2022.  The coincidence with reality is nothing short of stunning.

The exercise looked at two fictional nations; Cardus which kept their economy open and didn't undertake any non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) like masking and social distancing and Dranma which promptly adopted aggressive measures including shutting down mass gatherings, imposing social distancing and masking and implemented large-scale testing and contact-tracing, just like we saw in the West during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are two graphics from the report showing how Cardus fared much worse outcomes during the outbreak than Dranma:



I believe that is enough to digest for this posting.  Let's close with this "word of wisdom":


"History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes."


It's pretty hard not to see the connections between the Event 201 pandemic scenario and the COVID-19 pandemic and, in looking back, it seems more than a bit coincidental that the March 2021 Munich Security Conference/NTI exercise involved a monkeypox outbreak and the current threat of a monkeypox epidemic/pandemic.  Thanks to the dinosaur media which is just loving its newfound pandemic fear porn business model, the serf class has been set up for its next government-imposed, rights restricting reality.  And, let's not forget governments who have absolutely fallen in love with the powers that they have granted themselves over the useless eater class and, most certainly, do not want to see them come to a permanent end.


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