Thursday, January 12, 2023

Davos 2023, the Swiss Armed Forces and Security for the Global Elites

With the annual Davos clusterf$ck about to take place, here is a notice that recently appeared on the Swiss Armed Forces website:


Here are more details of the structure of the security services being offered to the global elite during the 2023 Davos meeting:


The Chief of Joint Operations Command, Lieutenant General Laurent Michaud, is in charge of the mission as Commander Subsidiary Security Operation (CSSO) and has been allocated the following resources and organisations in order to accomplish this mission:

1.) Territorial Division 3 (TerDiv 3)

2.) the Air Force (AF)

3.) the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation (AFLO)

4.) the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation (CSO)

5.) the Military Police

6.) the NBC-EOD Centre of Excellence

7.) the Armed Forces Mountain Service Competence Centre

8.) the Special Forces Command

9.) the Armed Forces Staff

10.) selected resources from the Training and Education Command 

Here are the logistical services being offered to the ruling class:


"The deployed military and police forces are provided with material and equipment. In addition, the military provides the Graubünden cantonal police with equipment such as fire extinguishers, radios, fences, protective vests and vehicles. An ad hoc logistics battalion and other medical and logistics units assist the Graubünden cantonal police in transport, traffic control, medical services, and assembly and dismantling work."


And, just in case you were thinking about flying over the even, air traffic over the Davos area is restricted during the meeting:


According to, the Swiss parliament has also guaranteed the security of the 3000 participants of the Davos meeting in 2024 as it was in 2022 as shown here:


We most certainly cannot have the global elite subjected to any sort of disruption/protest that may upset them, can we?  After all, where would we be and what would we do without them?  It's best for them that we remain in our 15 minute cities and just keep our mouths shut and our misguided opinions about the Great Reset to ourselves.

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