Thursday, May 16, 2024

Making Meat out of Soya and Saving Planet Earth for the Ruling Class

There is little doubt that the "powers that ought not to be" are spending considerable energy on changing our eating habits all in the name of preserving the planet (for the ruling class) and making money (once again, for the ruling class).  This movement is leading to all sorts of new foods that are plant-based concoctions that attempt to mimic meat.  As a very long-term vegetarian, I find these developments very interesting.


A Luxembourg-based company called Moolec Science touts themselves as a science-based food ingredient company focussed on the use of Molecular Farming technology as shown here:


Moolec is a spin-off from Bioceres Group and a partner of Bioceres Crop Solutions which are "enabling the transition to a carbon neutral agriculture".


Moolec's purpose is to "redefine the way we produce animal-based food, for good and for all", another phrase for genetic modification or GMO.  In their case, Moolec refers to their position in the industry as a pioneer in Molecular Farming for the alternative protein food industry.  The company is accomplishing this goal by using its technology to "include animal proteins' gene DNA code inside the genome of the main plants used in food" with the target of improving taste, texture and nutritional value, using broadly used crops like safflower, soybean and pea.  The company claims that their cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach will create plants that work as small factories, producing animal proteins with just sun and water.


Here's the company's key claim:


"Simple.  Just science."


Here's a screen capture from their website outlining one of their products, Piggy Sooy:



According to a June 2023 press release, Piggy Sooy produced an animal protein expression level of up to 26.6 percent of total soluble protein in soy seeds which can be directly observed due to the pink coloration of Moolec's soybeans as you can see on this graphic:



Here is a quote from the press release:


"Moolec’s CEO & Co-Founder Gastón Paladini said: “Piggy Sooy represents tangible and visual proof that Moolec’s technology has the capacity to achieve significant yields in plants to produce meat proteins. With this groundbreaking achievement, Moolec consolidates its position as a category creator and a pioneer in Molecular Farming for the food industry. Our plant biology team is writing the history of science in food, I couldn’t be prouder of them.”


This scientific milestone consolidates the Molecular Farming path as one of the most valuable alternative technologies to produce animal proteins, given that plants can function as animal protein factories in a more efficient manner than initially expected. This enhanced efficiency of plants has the potential to improve the economics of the Company's business model.


Moolec Science is producing several meat proteins in plants as functional ingredients to improve the taste, appearance, texture, and nutrition of meat alternatives. Due to its enhanced functionality and final application, the Company also highlighted that these food ingredients could also be potentially commercialized within the ~$600 billion traditional processing meat industry."


You might ask yourself why anyone would want to do this to a helpless soybean seed.  Apparently the inclusion of pig genes in soy beans will make for a tastier fake meat product.  


According to the company's fiscal year 2024 update from March 13, 2024, the Piggy Sooy Platform has started its third generation of soybean seed propagation and the fourth generation of seeds are expected to be harvested in April 2024. Molecular analysis of the third generation seeds shows that they contain a stable number of porcine myoglobin gene copies.


The company is also working on pea seeds that contain bovine (cow) myoglobin genes and that the genes are stable across plant generations and a novel yeast strain that is being developed as a dietary supplement and food ingredient. 


And, here is the latest development courtesy of our friends at the United States Department of Agriculture:


It may be just me and my vegetarian  ways but it is beyond my comprehension why anyone would want to eat a pork-based soya product.  Plants producing meat proteins would seem to be the zenith of the Frankenfood world but, then again, maybe it will save Planet Earth (for the ruling class because we know that they only have our best interests at heart).

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