Monday, May 11, 2015

Rafael and Ted Cruz - Is the Father a Liability to the Son?

In mid-April 2015, Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Tea Party presidential candidate Ted Cruz, appeared as a speaker at Congregation Beth Aliyah in Rome, Georgia.  Congregation Beth Aliyah describes themselves as a Messianic Jewish community that believes that Jesus is the promised Jewish Messiah.

Here is a video showing what Pastor Cruz had to say:

In case you missed it, here's what he said:

"It was so shameful how this president has treated Prime Minister Netanyahu.  You know, a few months ago, my son was invited to speak in Washington, D.C. by an organization calling themselves "Middle East Christians".  And at this meeting, he was talking about how we needed to stand unequivocally for the nation of Israel and for the Jewish people.  And he began to be booed and the boos became so loud that my son said, "Look, if you do not stand with Israel, if you don't stand with the Jews, I cannot stand with you.".  And he turned around and walked out.  Let me tell you, the Word of God tells us in Genesis 12:3, God is speaking to Abraham, the father of Israel - "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.".  This current administration has cursed the Jewish people, has cursed the nation of Israel more than any other administration in history.  I believe that the only reason judgement has not fallen upon America is because of the faithful remnant that is standing in the gap.  But it is about time that we stand for righteousness."

In case you were curious, here is Ted Cruz's speech to a group that is actually called In Defense of Christians that his father refers to above as "Middle East Christians":

Ted Cruz receives his first boos at the 2:40 mark when he states that Christians have no greater ally than the Jewish state.  Undaunted by the reaction of the crowd at that point, he goes on to state that those how hate Israel, hate America and those that hate Jews, hate Christians as well.  To his credit, he leaves the stage shortly thereafter.

According to a 2014 article in the National Review, there is a very strong political partnership between Ted Cruz and his rather charismatic father, a pastor and director of the Purifying Fire Ministries.  Pastor Cruz spends significant time speaking to the religious and conservative base of American politics.  

Here is another one of Pastor Cruz's speeches that was given to the OK2A, an Oklahoma-based Second Amendment Advocacy pro-gun group.  You'll find his commentaries on the death penalty at 1:07, abortion at 7:25, gay marriage at 8:25 and 30:26 (here he refers to Romans 1 which states that " also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another..."):

He notes that God ordains the death penalty and that there is no need for gun control; he states that to eliminate school massacres, teachers should be allowed to carry guns.  It is also quite apparent that Pastor Cruz is a firm believer in a vengeful God who is just biding his time before he destroys America for one sin or another.

Here is Pastor Cruz telling an audience that the Bible tells us exactly who we should vote for at a meeting of the Family Research Council in 2014:

Note that he puts his own spin on what the Bible says about who should lead us, that it includes both men and women even though it clearly uses the masculine pronoun.  He also seems to have conveniently forgotten that the current administration is far from the only federal administration that has "lied" to the people.

Here is Pastor Cruz talking to the Hood County Tea Party in Texas in April 2013 where he claims that President Obama is going to take all of our money at the 31:26 minute mark:

He also discusses the supposed health panels that have been established to decide which medical procedures will be approved on a cost-benefit basis at the 30:10 minute mark.

Here's Pastor Cruz commenting on the relationship between communism, evolution and LGBT rights particularly gay marriage:

Apparently, communism/socialism requires that government becomes our God and that's why communists need to destroy the concept of God through the use of evolution.

Here's another video showing how Pastor Cruz links homosexuality and sexual predators:

Here we find Pastor Cruz comparing President Obama to Fidel Castro:

Let's close with an excerpt from a lengthy speech in Rome, Georgia from April 2015 where Pastor Cruz waxes philosophically on a potential Hillary Clinton presidentship:

Apparently, Rafael Cruz believes that he is fighting for the survival of America and to those who subscribe to his brand of politics, that appears to be all that really matters.

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  1. Thanks for posting this father-son abomination! As a Christian Canadian I find their views to be reprehensible and not in accordance with the Jesus who I worship. You know, the one who said, By this shall all men know you are my disciples - if you have love one for another. That would include love for Jews, Muslims and yes, even the Cruz family.