Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Template For Hard Lockdowns

With the advanced economy nations around the world imposing ever more severe lockdowns on their citizenry, a recent development in Canada bears watching as it could prove to be a template for other nations, particularly given that government leaders are well known for their "monkey see, monkey do" planning.


At the very end of 2020 when no one was paying attention, a group called "Covid Strategic Choices Group" released the following report:


Covid Strategic Choices Group claims the following about itself:


"The COVID Strategic Choices Group is an interdisciplinary taskforce with experience across  different domains of expertise (including epidemiology, public health, public policy, economics  and business) and regions of Canada. Members serve in their individual capacity and not as  representatives of any organization. It is independent of any government."


Here is a page showing the group's membership:


You will notice that only five of the group's members have any connection with medicine public health and that the remaining members are either former politicians, political scientists, economists  etcetera. 

The group recommends that governments/decision-makers enact the following as part of an "explicit change in strategy":


1. Sustain an effective lockdown until COVID cases are low enough that testing, tracing and  isolation can work effectively. 

2. Relax restrictions only to the extent that new COVID cases continue a steady decline of  17% - 25% per week. In the fight against COVID, if you are not winning (i.e., new cases  are not going steadily down) you are losing. Any new increases will likely lead to a 3rd  set of lockdowns in the spring. 

3. Proactively assist the individuals, businesses and communities most affected by these  policies. 


This group of "esteemed individuals" claims that, by "seizing the moment" and enacting what they call "Building the Canadian Shield", Canada's leaders (such as they are) could:


1.) Reduce new cases by 75% by the end of January 


2.) Maintain steady new COVID case declines from February through April 


3.) Achieve fewer than 40 new COVID cases per day across Canada by May 1


4.)  Allow a fuller opening of Canada’s economy and society throughout the summer 


5.) Sustain near-zero COVID levels until widespread vaccination makes this plague a memory.


Using the typical scare tactics that have made front-page news over the past ten months, the group claims that the following will occur unless there is a fundamental change in strategy:


They claim that without the implementation of the "Canadian Shield", Canada will experience a third wave of COVID-19 cases in the spring of 2021 with a potential peak of over 9000 cases per day and that even if 3 million high-risk Canadians are successfully vaccinated by March 31, 2021, the peak number of COVID-19 cases in the third wave will "likely require" over 3,000 hospital beds, the same level as occurred during the peak of the first wave in the first half of 2020.


In sharp contrast, if the "Canadian Shield" is implemented as the group suggests, the following will occur:


Now, with all of this in mind, let's take a closer look at one of the leaders of Covid Strategic Choices, Robert Greenhill:


Here is his Linkedin page:


Please notice that he was the Managing Director and Chief Business Officer at the World Economic Forum and is currently the Executive Chairman at Global Canada Initiative as shown here:


Here is one of his recent tweets promoting the "Canadian Shield":


Now, let's take a closer look at Global Canada.  Here is the front page of their website:


As an aside, the gentleman in the middle photograph is one Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England as shown here on screen capture from the World Bank's website:


Carney also happens to be on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum, the architects of the Great ReseT as shown here:


Now, let's go back to Global Canada and Mr. Grenhill.  Global Canada has the following initiative which is part of its mandate to "support Canadian global leadership" (my bold):


"Canadian prosperity depends upon a prosperous, well-governed world. Over the last 75 years, Canada has played an important—at times critical—global role. However, the world has become a more complex and crowded place. Canada’s ability to have a global influence cannot be taken for granted.


Global Canada is based on two core beliefs. First, that it is in Canada’s strategic interest to increase its global impact. Second, that Canada’s impact will be enhanced if key Canadian institutions and individuals work together in a coordinated and complementary manner.


In an increasingly multistakeholder world, the responsibility for global impact cannot rest with government alone. All stakeholders—including the private sector, universities, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists—have an important role to play.


Global Canada will support Canadian global leadership by providing positive answers to three key questions:


1.) Can we create an exciting community of “Global Canadians”—Canadians in leadership positions at home and abroad who are passionate about Canada’s global role?


2.) Can we craft an up-to-date narrative on Canada’s global engagement?


3.) If all stakeholders work together, are there issues on which Canada can truly have a world-scale impact?


Global Canada envisions a constructive, complementary relationship with government.   It is a not-for-profit, multistakeholder organization that does not seek funding from government.   It is clearly and consistently non-partisan.  While ensuring analytical clarity and intellectual integrity, its tone is respectful and constructive.


While focused in its activities and modest in size, Global Canada’s strategic intent is ambitious.  It is to catalyze an increased global leadership by all stakeholders, enhancing Canada’s global impact and reputation."

Let's now focus on the group's funding partners, particularly given that it singles out the fact that "philanthropists" have an important role to play in ensuring that Canada has global impact.  Here is a screen capture from Global Canada's "Supporters" webpage:


And there you have it; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  In fact, the Global Canada website even supplies us with this cozy picture of Bill Gates and Robert Greenhill:


Yes indeed, the world's foremost untrained  virologist and epidemiologist could well have a say in how Canada will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly given that Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is easily led by those that he believes are "experts" and has already spoken with Bill and Melinda Gates about the COVID-19 pandemic:


Just in case you were wondering, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a partner of the World Economic Forum as shown here:

...and, in 2020, the Foundation donated $729,765 to the World Economic Forum's Global Growth & Opportunity Fund as shown here:

Now, let's put all of this together.  The concept of an extensive shutdown termed the "Canadian Shield" has been recommended by the Covid Strategic Choices Group which has a member by the name of Robert Greenhill.  Mr. Greenhill is a former Managing Director at the World Economic Forum and is currently the Executive Chairman of Global Canada which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which is also associated with Mark Carney, a member of the World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees, a group that is the architect of the "Great Reset" which is being promoted as a solution to the post-COVID-19 pandemic.  All you have to do is follow the money!  At the very least, you have to admit that it is interesting that the same groups and people keep popping up everywhere during the pandemic, providing us with a roadmap for our futures.


It has become increasingly clear through the COVID-19 pandemic that there are a group of oligarchs  who want to control the globe by implementing their agenda through lockdowns, quarantines, social media censorship and ultimately vaccinations for everyone.  Given Bill Gates wide-ranging control of many of the groups that are involved in the decisions that have been made over the past year by governments and non-governmental organizations, it is quite apparent that his agenda is driving most of the responses that we have seen so far.  Given the close link between Robert Greenhill, Global Canada, the Covid Strategic Choices Group, the World Economic Forum, Mark Carney, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization, it looks increasingly likely that Canada will be one of the nations that forms the template for the "Great Reset" and that there will be even more government clampdowns/social experimentation than Canadians have experienced so far.

...and, as I noted at the beginning of this posting, given that government leaders are very much a "monkey see, monkey do" group, you can pretty much assure yourself that the "Canadian Shield" model is coming soon to a nation near you...if it isn't in place already.


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  3. It's the old boy network on steroids. I fear here in the UK we will be challenging Canada in the global re-set race.