Friday, January 28, 2022

Canada's Freedom Convoy and Justin Trudeau's Evolving Narrative

Rather surprisingly to many Canadians, the truckers' Freedom Convoy protest over the COVID-19 vaccine mandates has received significant international media coverage, particularly in the non-mainstream media.  Given that Canada's domestic media is giving the protest only marginal coverage despite the large turnout of both truckers and the general public, the coverage beyond Canada's borders is providing significant hope to Canadians who are fed up with the Trudeau government's ever-evolving response, particularly given that nations like the United Kingdom and Denmark (among others) are rolling back their restrictions.

With Justin Trudeau now on yet another holiday, claiming that he has to self isolate for five days because he was exposed to COVID-19 and tested negative even though the rules don't say that as shown here: appears that he is doing whatever he can to avoid any contact with the protestors, preferring to disparage them from a distance.  That said, you have to admit that it is awfully cute that he thinks that he's "working".  

Once again, Canadians have seen Trudeau flip-flop on yet another pandemic-related issue, just as he did when he first promised that Canadians would not be subject to vaccine passports.  Let's look at a prime example of how he seems incapable of maintaining a consistent narrative.  Here's what he tweeted on March, 2020 regarding the brave Canadian truckers who have kept Canadians supplied during the pandemic:

And, here he is on January 27, 2022, not even two years later, making certain that Canadians understand that the Freedom Convoy protestors/truckers are a "small fringe minority":

This is what happens when you elect a fecking idiot who received only 32.62 percent of the votes cast in the September 2020 election and that only 20.3 percent of eligible voters took the time to vote for Justin Trudeau's party.  Now that's what you call a minority.

And, just for fun, here is a picture taken during Trudeau's remarks with his puppet master located on the left side of the picture:

It's an amazing feat of science that you can't even see the strings connecting the two of them!

Despite that fact that it is very clear that the COVID-19 vaccines are failing to prevent cases or transmission, Justin insists that Canadians must follow the "science" and get vaccinated.  I wonder if Chrystia Freeland told him to say that or did he get his orders straight from Klaus Schwab?

And Justin, no one should accept the galling idea that you are the ultimate judge of what is an acceptable view and what is not an acceptable view.  That's NOT your privilege.

And hear I thought that Canada was a democracy.  My bad.


  1. You Go Canadian Freedom Convoy. Know that many of us here south of the border stand with you. It could be argued that those in power don't have to take away our freedom by force if we are willing to surrender it or trade it for a few paid weeks off work. Nor do they have to be fair in how they go about this if they simply get a majority of the populace to go along with their plan. More on this subject in the article below.

  2. We should be extremely wary of the road we are being forced to travel on, who knows where it could take us: