Thursday, July 28, 2022

Eating Chicken Bones - Our Dystopian Future

With the global shortage of food threatening to take down western society as we know it, one company has come up with a perfect solution as you will see in this posting.


With chicken shelves looking like this in many stores around the world:


...and with the self-appointed ruling class insisting that we need to wean ourselves from meat that is destined for the delicate palates of the oligarchs, the useless eater class is fortunate that one company has come up with a way to get us to eat ALL of the chicken, allowing for less chicken meat to go further.


Superground, a Helsinki-based food production company....

....founded by these two fellows:


...insists that by rethinking food, we can make food production more sustainable.


Here is their view on the company's chicken processing capabilities:


"Taste the future of meat.  It is delicious, efficient and sustainable."


And we all know how the global ruling class is all about sustainability (well, at least the sustainability of their use of private jets, yachts and supercars).


The company claims the following:


"Food production companies face rapidly changing food markets and accelerating climate change. SuperGround’s novel technology provides scalable solutions for previously unsolved food production challenges. Our holistic approach sustainably increases poultry-based food production volumes without major investments.


While helping reduce the food industry’s environmental impact, SuperGround is lowering emissions and food waste.


The patent-pending process which will turn the entire chicken (short of the entrails) will not compromise either the taste or safety of chicken.  The process will not compromise the taste of the processed chicken, it will improve the efficiency of processing chickens and is "sustainable to the bone".


The process uses heat, pressure and mechanical shear forces to transform chicken bones and other hard tissues into a "mass" with a "mouth feel, taste and smell that is indistinguishable from the real thing" when it is used to modify a 30 percent of a recipe's total mass.  Superground's technology can be used for many food items including nuggets, sausages and kebabs.  


When asked why it is beneficial for the environment, here's what Superground says:


"SuperGround’s process enables the entire use of whole gutted and plucked chicken without any loss in mass. The same chicken input yields up to 30% more food.


Fortunately, the braintrust at the World Economic Forum have already provided us with their views on how meat is wasted on the organ donor class.  Back in February 2019, this article on the WEF website:


...stated that there are a total of 19 billion chickens living on Planet Earth at any one time and that an estimated 50 billion chickens are slaughtered every year for food (excluding male chicks and hens that are no longer egg producers).  The WEF views chickens as the fourth most nasty meat-based greenhouse gas emitters as shown here:


...and that chickens that are raised for meat are drinking way more than their fair share of water as providers of food for humans:



By adding ground chicken bones to the volume of meat produced, the useless eaters will find themselves satiated with a chicken nugget or other processed chicken-based product that could be up to 30 percent bone.  Mmmm mmmm good!


The thought of eating ground chicken bones kind of makes those 3-D printed meat substitutes look somewhat more appetizing, doesn't it?  And just think of the favour that you’ll be doing for the omnipotent ones who will now be able to avail themselves of all of the pure, unadulterated chicken that you will no longer be consuming!  

More nuggets per chicken.  It just doesn't get any better.

Given the subject of this posting, I have to close with this video from The Tragically Hip since the lyrics seem particularly pertinent:

Baby, eat this chicken slow

It's full of all them little bones

Baby, eat this chicken slow

It's full of all them little bones

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