Tuesday, July 12, 2022

How Your Heart Will Kill You...Eventually If Not Sooner

Updated February 2023

The dinosaur media is at it again, fixating on one particular health issue.  They've come up with multiple reasons why apparently fragile human beings (aka carbon-based lifeforms/organ donors) can suffer heart ailments.  Let's look at some of the "science" behind the causes of heart disease as promoted by certain media outlets around the world as they attempt to explain the rise in heart attacks/heart ailments over the past year.


1.) Energy bill increases (damn that Vladimir Putin!):



2.) Solar storms:



3.) Hotter nights (i.e. climate change): this is particularly dangerous to men in their early 60s:


4.) Soil pollution/Gardening:



And, just like that, growing your own food can kill you.  Better stick to 3-D printed meat and glyphosate-loaded grains.

5.) Sleeping position:



...and, to change subjects ever so slightly to the risk of forming clots which could ultimately lead to a deadly cardiac event:


6.) That beverage at your local establishment:


7.) You should always listen to your mother's advice about skipping breakfast:

8.) Sleeping while exposed to light:

9.) Physical activity:

10.) Falling asleep with the TV on:  While not related directly to heart attacks, this article is still interesting.

11.) Extreme weather conditions:

12.) For those under 30, you're best to avoid herbal supplements:

13.) You better skip those beverages infused with artificial sweeteners:

14.) And, not to be forgotten, here's one for the kids which, given their penchant for video games could cause them to fall like leaves in the autumn:

Let's end this section with this which is also not directly related to heart attacks but is connected to the human circulatory system:

But, please rest assured.  All that you need to know is that the COVID-19 vaccines have NOTHING to do with any increase in cardiac events whatsoever despite what this study may conclude:

In fact, these Phase 3 trial drugs are one of the rare pharmaceuticals that have no severe side effects according to most government sources, unlike just about every other Big Pharma product.

Really, when you think about it, it's a wonder that the human race has survived for as long as it has given the fragility of our bodies and our penchant for things that appear to be bad for us.

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