Friday, September 16, 2022

Denmark vs. Canada - The Inconsistent COVID-19 Vaccine Science

Recently, Justin Trudeau commented on the necessity for Canadians to "vax up" during the fall of 2022 to ensure that the government isn't forced to reinstate its heavy-handed policies of the past two years.  As you will see in this posting, this "science" flies right in the face of the pandemic response recently announced by one nation in Europe.


Here is Justin Trudeau giving a press conference in Manitoba on September 1, 2022 with his English comments on COVID-19 starting at the 10 minute and 48 second mark:


Here's the key quote with my bolds:


"I think one of the most important things to remember is COVID's not done with us yet.  We might want to be done with it but it's still around and yes, we have a lot more tools, a lot more understanding, a lot more knowledge on how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe that have allowed us to get back to regular life in a lot of ways for a whole bunch of people but we also know that as winter comes and as people get pushed back indoors, there is a real risk of another serious wave of COVID. One of the best things we can do to prevent that wave, prevent the pressure on our health-care system, prevent provinces from having to take decisions around restrictions and mandates, is to ensure that everyone is up to date in their vaccinations.  The recommendation is, you know, you should be up-to-date in your vaccinations if you have had a dose within six months.  Everyone who has been a while since their vaccination...should look at the fact that we have new vaccines coming out this month that are tailored against Omicron that will provide better protection and everyone should get out and get vaccinated.  If we are able to hit that 80, 85, 90 percent of Canadians up to date in their vaccinations, we'll have a much better winter with much less need for the kinds of restrictions and rules that were so problematic for everyone over the past years but every step of the way government's responsibility is to keep people safe, to prevent our health care systems from getting overwhelmed.  That's where individuals choosing to make sure they're up to date in their vaccinations with these new vaccines is going to help us all get through it, and keep life open and free the way we want it to be."


I'm ignoring the fact that he's fully vaccinated and has still had COVID-19 twice, the very definition of irony impaired and the fact that Canadians now have to "earn their freedom"  this fall by succumbing to the will of the Trudeau government when it comes to personal health decisions.  Not to mention the fact that Canada's health care system has been strained for decades because of government underfunding and mismanagement.


Now, as promised, let's look at how one European nation is managing its COVID-19 vaccinations.  Here is a recent posting on the Danish Health Authority's website:



In sharp contrast to Canada's "health experts" who recently approved COVID-19 vaccinations using both the Moderna vaccine (July 14, 2022) and Pfizer vaccine (September 9, 2022) for children down to the age of 6 months as shown here:

...and here:

and here:


...for some reason, it appears that the "science" is different in Denmark where their health experts have concluded that COVID-19 is of relatively little risk to Danes under the age of 50, thus negating the need for vaccination for the most part.


But, then again, I guess that we have to assume that Justin Trudeau has a much deeper understanding of the mRNA vaccines than the experts in Denmark.  Either that or he has fallen in love with his newfound powers to restrict the freedom of Canadians (the misogynists and racists) who have made a health choice that he finds unacceptable.

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