Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The Trudeau Government's Fear of Pierre Poilievre's Populism and How the Canadian Media is Propagating That Message

With Pierre Poilievre's recent win as the populist/libertarian leader of Canada's Conservative opposition party, the Canadian mainstream media has ramped up the fear factor.  Let's look at some of the recent headlines that are being used to convince Canadians that this Conservative party of Canada leader is dangerous to Canada's future.  As you will see in this posting, Canada's bought and paid for mainstream media seems to be doing its very best to convince Canadians that Pierre Poilievre is Canada's very own Donald Trump.


A.) Pre-selection as leader:


1.) Saltwire February 25, 2022:



2.) Toronto Sun May 14, 2022:


3) National Observer May 27, 2022:



4.) Toronto Star June 29, 2022:


5.) The Tyee August 12, 2022:


6.) The Toronto Star September 1, 2022:


7.) The Toronto Star September 8, 2022:



8.) The Tyee September 9, 2022:


Even the leftist American mainstream media weighed back in April 2022 in as though it was any of their business:


B.) Post selection as leader:


1.) The Toronto Star September 11, 2022:


2.) The Globe and Mail September 11, 2022:


3.) Yahoo News September 13, 2022:


None of this media-sourced vitriol should come as a surprise given the Trudeau/Freeland government's massive donations (taxpayers' dollars) to fund Canada's mainstream media over the past three years as shown here in an article which provides a list of which media outlets benefitted:


...and here:


...and here:



Let's close with comments about Pierre Poilievre from two of Canada's high profile Liberals who are essentially providing Canada's dinosaur media with their approved talking points:

1.) Justin Trudeau:


2.) Melanie Joly:


Either one of three things can be said about these comments given Trudeau's attitude toward  unvaccinated Canadians and those involved in the February 2022 Truckers' Protest:


1.) They are irony impaired.


2.) They have no sense of self-awareness.  


3.) They are both irony impaired and self-unaware.

...or just plain, ordinary cognitively challenged.

For some reason, the political left in Canada (and the United States for that matter) are deathly afraid of populism.  They would much prefer to identify with the global ruling class (World Economic Forum types) than to identify with working class/blue collar Canadians which are showing a clear preference for the Conservative Party of Canada and its new leader who actually has roots in the working class.

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