Thursday, December 29, 2022

Propaganda - It's Alive and Well and Living in Ukraine

The anti-Russia pro-Ukraine propaganda machine has been working overtime since February 24, 2022.  In this brief posting, we'll look at a prime example of how we are being emotionally blackmailed into believing one side of the narrative.


Here is a tweet from Ukrainian Member of Parliament (the Verkhovna Rada)/People's Deputy Lesia Vasylenko on December 26, 2022:


Tear-inducing, isn't it?  Poor, sad Marc.


Here's what Ms. Vasylenko, a University College London Masters of Law (LLM) graduate, says about herself on her Twitter account:

Unfortunately, Ms. Vasylenko has been caught red-handed.  Here is the actual source of the photograph that she used to manipulate the world:



The Spanish version of Christina McKenna's  2008 novel "The Misremembered Man" has an identical photograph of a young boy on the cover who, apparently, hasn't aged at all since the photo was taken and is now living in Ukraine and the tragic recipient of a Russian artillery attack.


While I realize that both sides in this conflict are seeking to manipulate public opinion, it is interesting to see a prime example of how propaganda is being used.  How Ms. Vasylenko would think that she would not be caught is beyond me.  While the offending tweet has been removed from her Twitter feed, thanks to Archive and a simple Google search, it is still alive and well and living on the internet.


  1. If the "Ukrainian narrative" was not ugly enough, it continues to work its way farther to the dark-side. It is debatable how long the American people will buy the line that funding the war in Ukraine will result in a good outcome. More on this controversial subject in the article below.

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